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On Track: 2018 BMW M5 customer launch

TO celebrate the Australian launch of the new sixth generation BMW M5, Exhaust Notes Australia was fortunate to be amongst a select few to...

On Track: the Jaguar Experience

WE were just like any other Jaguar owner. Invited to be part of a unique driver training experience that lets you hit the race track, in our case Sydney Motorsport Park, and push pedal to the metal, at the same time learning how to get the most out of your own car whenever you drive it.

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BMW for MotoGP

SAFETY just got a whole lot better looking at MotoGP events, following the unveiling of the high-performance BMW M Safety Car fleet comprising the outstanding...

Lotus goes custom

THE joy of Lotus ownership has long been described as a unique experience, what with the Lotus reputation for producing cars of exceptional levels...