Shell launches Bluetooth controlled toy car collection

For the first time in Australia, the world of Shell Motorsport comes together in one limited edition car collection – available exclusively at Shell Coles Express sites. Seven Bluetooth-controlled models make up the range.

From September 29, along with a fuel or convenience purchase, customers can buy the model cars, featuring vehicles from across Supercar, Nascar, WRC Rally, Formula 1, DTM Touring, Formula E and IndyCar.

Each model can be remote-controlled via a smartphone, with gamification and engagement through the global Shell Racing App. Released each week until stocks last, the exclusive motorsport models start with the Shell V-Power Racing Mustang Supercar.

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“We’re excited that the first car off the grid in the Shell Motorsport Collection is the Ford Mustang,” Shell V Power Racing Team driver Anton De Pasquale said.

This will be followed by the Scuderia Ferrari F1, IndyCar, Hyundai Rally, Formula E Nissan, Nascar Team Penske and BMW Racing DTM cars.

“We hope this range of collectables will fuel Australians’ passion for motorsport, particularly as we approach Bathurst 1000 in October,” executive general manager of Viva Australia (the new owners of Coles Express service stations) Megan Foster said.

“With this innovative collection, it’s easier than ever for racing fans of any age to recreate the power, thrill and heart-stopping atmosphere of motorsports at home.”

Customers who spend $20 or more on fuel or convenience can purchase a car for $10. The vehicles are also available to buy outright for $15 each.  The rechargeable and interchangeable battery is sold separately for $8.

For the full chequered flag experience, an exclusive display case is also available for purchase. The Shell Racing App enriches the experience of the collectibles and can also be played without the cars.

The exclusive Shell Motorsport collectible cars are available from September 29 – November 30, 2022. Once released, each model will remain available for the duration of the promotion or while stocks last.

News Desk
News Desk
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  1. I had purchased two cars today but there is no discount provided if I pump fuel OR even otherwise. I could buy from a Toy shop at a much lower price I have been pumping at Woolworth for the past 7 yrs and I don’t find compelling reason to move to shell

    • They’re $10 if you buy $20 worth of fuel or convenience items, or $15 if you don’t. If you paid $15 each but still spent $20 or more on fuel and convenience items, you’ll need to take that up with the individual retail outlet you purchased from. Show them this story, it came straight from Shell and Viva Energy Australia. If you get no satisfaction, contact Viva Energy Australia, who are the providers of this offer, as the owners of Coles Express service stations.

    • Our understanding is they’ll all be available for the entirety of the promotion (i.e. the first one can be purchased from when it comes out through to when the last one is sold). There may however be availability issues if you haven’t been able to get the first two. We will reach out to Viva Energy and Shell and see what we can find out.

  2. The blue i20 Hyundai you released last week, all the service station I visited from Wagga Wagga to Mittagong via the Hume hwy only recieved 4 to 5 cars and sold out within an hour of release. Why only small quantities we’re released??? yet the cars before we’re released excessively. You promoted this collection but have not delivered. Won’t be going to any shell servo ever again ever.

    • Hi Phil, we’re not Shell, Coles Express or Viva Energy, but yes it would seem there’s been very limited stock released on the i20 in particular. We’ve passed your concerns to Shell’s PR agency, who are looking after the roll out for Viva Energy and Coles Express.

  3. Yes, I too missed the blue car too. Didn’t even know it was available until they placed a sticker to say it’s sold out. It’s disappointing that so few stocks were made available. Now I have bought two of the Ferrari SF90, even this is made of plastic and not cast iron. The design is nice, but missing the image of a driver on it.

    The design/quality for the Ford Mustang GT is poor too. You can see that the back part of the car are not even. One side is straight and the other side is curved in.

    Such is life!!

  4. It would be great if the cars would be available.But they sold out the same day they get released. This week my petrol station didn’t even get a new car. They been given more of the F1 Ferrari.

  5. Is disgusting they advertise these cars but don’t supply enoughto servos.
    Want us to buy their fuel and or items from shop but can’t even get a promotion right.
    Got first 2 only 🤬

  6. Exactly. Waiting for this week’s BMW M4 and went down to local Shell to be told they did not receive any at all! Neither were there any in local area at all. Display has disappeared as had notices on pumps. Service station said they were told ‘out of stock’ and were ‘moving on.’
    Marketing exercise completely fouled up

    • It would seem Coles Express completely underestimated demand for these cars. We’re investigating the situation for you, and the rest of our readers.

  7. I totally AGREE. Coles express totally misjudged demand. Main problem with limited numbers released in Tasmania is some people are purely looking to make money from them. Huge number of full kits advertised at ridiculous prices anywhere from $200 to $600 on Gumtree, Ebay and so on. I was not looking to make money – just thought it would be cool to pass on to my grandson. I have secured 3 of the models only. Can you help in any way?

    • Hi Ian,

      We’re currently chasing Viva Energy/Coles Express’ PR agency for more information on what Shell plans to do in regard to low stock, unavailability of models etc.

      As soon as we know more, we’ll share it here.


  8. Nissan Formula E Gen 2
    Sixth model released – 10/11/2022. Limited stock available.

    Another Limited Stock edition. Driving around Shell servos looking for these toys already cost me a small fortune, and we only pump at Shell.

  9. Hi News Desk
    Yes i am also unable to get the last 2 cars the petrol stations only receive 6 of the last 3 cars.
    I have the box and collecting for my grandson but only have 3 of the cars.
    This promotion is very disppointing. They should have more than 6 cars in each station.

  10. Today, the final car Team Penske Indycar was released and before 7am, all sold out. One of the Shell servos in my local area only received 8 cars.

  11. I missed the whole thing until I bought a Ferrari and a battery without realising I needed a remote control. My grandson is very unhappy with me!! Is there anywhere I can get a remote?

  12. Very poorly run campaign. The last 4 weeks of the promotion I didn’t see even 1 car for sale in any shop, the early ones all sold out, and the latter ones unavailable. I spoke to several Express employees, even they didn’t know when stock was coming, and it seems the last 4 cars were only supplied 5 per outlet. Ridiculous. I would love to know if you can buy the missing ones somewhere else after the promotion ended.

  13. Such a mug promotion. Limited cars wherever you attempted to purchase on the Gold Coast and Central Coast. I do not know a single person whom has the whole collection. Disgusting treatment of your customers. You need to re-release them to save face. Need some advice? Yes you do. Sell these completed kits online. MUGS!!!

    • We don’t know anyone with the whole set either. No one involved in this promotion will talk to the media either unfortunately, so we can’t get to the bottom of it.


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