Friday, August 12, 2022

Ruroc Atlas 4.0 Helmet (product review)

RUROC returns for 2022 with their latest offering, in the form of the Atlas 4.0, tested here in its Outrun guise. It’s been touted as having undergone some pretty massive upgrades over its 3.0 version, so we thought it only fitting to put one to the test.

There are a total of 21 different paint and graphic options for the 4.0 offering, including the Ragnarok (available in four different paint schemes), a Carbon range (three choices), a Paint series (in five plain colours), the Misfit range, and recently released DC designs.

Our retro themed helmet still sports the trademark Ruroc teeth. Its styling looks great and rivals anything on the market for its aesthetics. But this lid is more than that, with improvements in rider comfort thanks to a fully re-engineered interior.

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Changes to its aerodynamic performance make it more stable too, as well as improving acoustics by a claimed 57 per cent. Incorporating RHEON reactive polymer technology, the Atlas 4.0 has achieved a very noteworthy ECE 22.06 safety accreditation.

RHEON’s application in this helmet is a significant milestone in safety, with the innovative tech integrated seamlessly into the headlining, providing targeted protection against impact and rotational forces.

Ruroc Atlas 4.0 Outrun Helmet
Ruroc Atlas 4.0 Outrun Helmet

The new three part multi-density EPS structure has increased impact attenuation performance as well. The carbon fibre full face helmet is constructed from an aerospace quality carbon weave known as T300. It has DOT certification too.

Available in sizes from XS to XXL, the Ruroc Atlas 4.0 evolves the positives from the previous 3.0 model, and vastly improves upon them. Maintaining the wicked design and excellent field of vision, visors remain interchangeable with those on the 3.0.

Adding to the flexibility if you’re upgrading, the 4.0 also supports the existing Shockwave intercom system as well. For us though, the most noticeable improvement on the 4.0 is the internal padding.

We have now covered several thousand kilometres in our test helmet and it is so much more comfortable than the previous offerings. The padding is firm and premium, and feels good while riding.

Granted the helmet is a little tighter to get on and off, but once on, it feels great. The internal padding makes a huge difference, especially when pounding in big distances in a single day. Ruroc has nailed it in this area with the 4.0.

Ruroc Atlas 4.0 Outrun Helmet
Ruroc Atlas 4.0 Outrun Helmet

There’s been a trade-off in the 4.0 though when it comes to reducing wind noise, when compared to the 3.0. The latter had extra ventilation, and while the new model is still good, it does feel a little reduced by comparison. Wind noise is down though.

Shockwave was fitted to our test helmet too, and the audio quality for music is good. It works okay for calls, although we did struggle to hear clearly at speeds over 100km/h. We’re not fans of the button for the audio setup being on the back of the helmet either.

Another feature we’re happy to see continue with the 4.0 is Fidlock, an easy to use device for fastening the helmet. It did take us a little time to get used to when we tested the 3.0, but we’ve become quite partial to it, and stoked its still in place.

Overall, the Ruroc Atlas 4.0 is a big leap forward, and a testament to the fact they have listened to their customers, and designed a next generation helmet accordingly. There’s already widespread commentary that this is the lid they should have built first.

It’s only available online, which some may balk at (it makes us a little nervous), but the process is fairly simple. Ruroc provides a sizing guide (previous owners take note, sizing has changed due to the new padding), which you can match to your melon measurements.

Ruroc Atlas 4.0 Outrun Helmet
Ruroc Atlas 4.0 Outrun Helmet

If you can overcome the hurdle of not being able to see and touch the product in the flesh before you spend your hard earned dollars, the Atlas 4.0 range, which starts from $670, is well worth the price of admission.

You even get free tracked shipping so you can keep an eye on the progress of your new helmet being delivered (and who doesn’t love seeing where there parcels are). At the moment, there are also some great deals on their website.

Our test product was provided by Ruroc. Exhaust Notes Australia has not been paid to review this product.

Pros – great looking lid with awesome unique designs; lots of accessories.

Cons – Can’t try on in-person in Australia.

Andrew Jenkin
Andrew Jenkin
Andrew Jenkin is a motoring enthusiast, with a passion for two and four wheels. It's pretty much a given there'll be at least two motorbikes in his garage and he needs no excuses to hit the open road. Andrew grew up reading magazines like Street Machine and Heavy Duty and has a love for all things performance.


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