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NIO EP9 shatters Nurburgring production record

IT seems like its that time of year for shattering Nurburgring records. Recently Honda used a pre-production 2017 Civic Type R to break the FWD record for the legendary circuit, but hell that was nothing. Literally.

Chinese car maker NIO (who run a team in Formula E under parent brand NextEV’s name) has slaughtered the electric vehicle  and production car records, posting an incredible 6:45.9 lap that has to be seen to be believed – and you can watch the entire lap at the top of this story.

But what is the EP9?

It’s NIO’s all electric weapon. Let’s call it, simply unhinged. We’re talking 313km/h top speed (that’s 63km/h faster than a Tesla), zero-200km/h in 7.1 seconds (that’s a good five or six seconds faster than that same Tesla), and twice the down force of a Formula 1 car. The zero-100km/h clock ticks at 2.7 seconds.

It punches more than 1,360 horsepower and costs just a smidge under $2 million. It has interchangeable batteries and is build with one purpose in mind – to be a ride experience and track day car that just happens to be street legal.

Our one question, with just seven in existence, is it actually a production car?


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