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New learner friendly CBR

Learner approved - CBR500R

IT’S no secret I’m a fan of the Honda CBR range of bikes – and I’ve had a long held love affair with owning one of these potent rides – and mostly that dream includes a XX Blackbird or a 1000RR.

But if I was a learner – then I’d be excited by the news that a brand new 2015 version of the sporty CBR500R has just been announced.

It’s easy to see how the CBR500R has made a name for itself as the number one selling large capacity LAMS motorcycle in Australia (LAMS bikes over 400cc), because with ABS as standard and a list price of $7,999, the CBR ticks a lot of boxes.

Boldly redefining the middleweight class, the 2015 CBR500R brings a whole new level of excitement for sport riders, with a 471cc parallel twin wrapped in a great-handling chassis and a look inspired by Honda’s famed CBR1000RR sports bike.

With a nod to its sporting heritage, the DOHC engine uses the same piston bore size as Honda’s CBR600RR sports bike and retains Honda’s famous bulletproof reliability for an exceptional package, offering a wide power-band that a range of riders can enjoy.

The CBR500R offers a riding position that’s sporty, while also suitable for the morning commute and the weekend road trip.  Plus, its lower seat height gives the rider extra-confidence when they need to get their feet on the ground at a stop.

The CBR’s diamond-shaped 35mm steel-tube mainframe ties to the engine with four mounts, offering a rock-solid foundation for superior handling.

With a great mix of power and handling, the 2015 model is an excellent choice for riders ready to move up to a larger capacity motorcycle, or for any rider who’s looking for a light, sporty, all-round street machine.

The front 320mm wave-style disc brake and 240mm rear provide strong stopping power, while the Anti-Lock Braking System on the CBR500R helps the rider make smoother, more controlled stops under less-than-ideal conditions.

Available in Red, Black and Silver, the CBR’s Supersport styling is designed for aerodynamic efficiency but also gives the motorcycle a slick attitude on the road.

With the athletic touches of a sports bike coupled with the versatility to take on any task, the CBR500R is the ultimate on road machine.


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