McLaren unveils Artura, its next generation hybrid supercar

THE new McLaren Artura was revealed today, marking the beginning of both a new chapter for the pioneering luxury supercar company and a new era in supercar technology and performance.

McLaren’s first series-production high-performance hybrid supercar focuses more than half a century of the company’s racing and road-car experience and expertise into a next-generation supercar that blends ground-breaking technology and pure driver engagement.

Underpinned by the McLaren philosophy of super-lightweight engineering, the new Artura is the distillation of every attribute inherent in its cars, including distinctive design, unrivalled performance, dynamic excellence and engineering innovation.

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Electrification now brings the additional benefits of even faster throttle response, all while achieving lower emissions and being able to run in pure EV mode for emissions-free journeys of up to 30km.

The total weight of hybrid components is just 130kg (which includes an 88kg battery pack and 15.4kg E-motor), resulting in a kerb weight of 1,498kg, which is on par with comparable supercars that do not have hybrid powertrains.

This gives the Artura a super-lightweight advantage, and at its heart is a new 2,993cc twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine, with a power output of 430kW and 585Nm. The Artura also sports a dry-sump and an aluminium engine.

The combination ensures it’s compact and lightweight. At just 160kg, it weighs 50kg less than a McLaren V8 and is significantly shorter, enhancing packaging efficiency. This all translates to the instantaneous nature of the motor’s torque delivery.

Known as ‘torque infill’, it’s key to the car’s razor-sharp throttle response, and exhilarating ‘off-the-line’ performance, which sees the Artura achieve 0-100km/h in just 3.0 seconds, with 0-200km/h taking 8.3 seconds, and 0-300km/h 21.5 seconds. Blisteringly quick.

Top speed is limited to 330km/h, which should be enough speed to see your face rip off as you accelerate through the rev range. Now to the hybrid bit.

Dual propulsion systems are integrated via an engine disconnect clutch, driving an all-new, twin-clutch transmission, which has been developed specifically for the Artura.

Despite having one more ratio than the existing McLaren transmission to optimise power and torque delivery, the lightweight, short-ratio gear cluster is 40mm shorter in length. It also requires no reverse gear, the E-motor takes care of reversing.

The E-motor is powered by a battery pack comprising five lithium-ion modules, offering a usable energy capacity of 7.4kWh and pure EV range of 30km. The Artura is designed with full Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) capability.

It can be charged to 80 per cent in just 2.5 hours. The batteries can also harvest power from the combustion engine during driving, tailored to the driving mode selected.

The McLaren Artura is also the first model to have the new McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) at its core. Optimised for high-performance hybrid applications, it includes a bespoke battery compartment.

It also introduces a ground-breaking domain-based ethernet electrical architecture, along with an electrical heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (eHVAC) system.

This also facilitates access to advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) including intelligent adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, auto high-beam assist, road sign recognition, and over-the-air software updates.

Inside, the Artura is no less of a revolution, with the cockpit centred more than ever around the driver.

The driving mode selection, which retains separate powertrain and handling controls, has been moved to the instrument binnacle, which is in turn mounted to the steering column and adjusts with the steering wheel to further enhance driving ergonomics.

Consequently, the steering wheel is kept clear of unnecessary switches while still allowing the driver to adjust driving modes without taking their hands away from the wheel. For modes are offered, including an E-mode emissions-free, electric-only driving.

Designed for mixed driving conditions, Comfort mode maximises range and efficiency, with the combustion engine shut off under 40km/h, and an extended stop and start mode, which can be phased in for greater speed and power requirements.

In Sport and Track modes, electric power is deployed in an increasingly aggressive manner for low-end response and acceleration (‘torque infill’).

Separate handling mode choices adjust damper firmness and the degree of electronic stability control intervention to suit driver preference and weather and road conditions.

At the outset McLaren designed the Artura to be not only a technological game-changer, but also to stay true to the core McLaren attributes of being incredibly engaging to drive and displaying the highest levels of dynamic ability.

There are three further core specifications available, including Performance, which has a sporting, functional aesthetic, TechLux, where the focus is on the technical luxury that the name suggests and Vision, which displays a more avant-garde and adventurous look.

Every McLaren Artura comes standard with a 5-year vehicle warranty, a six-year battery warranty and 10-year body warranty. The Artura is set to be priced from $330,000 (plus on-roads) for the standard specification.

Local launch dates and availability for Australia are yet to be announced.

2021 McLaren Artura
2021 McLaren Artura
Mick Glenn
Mick Glenn
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