Dominant - Kier Wilson stamped his authority on the Snowy Mountains 1000

We are live from the Snowy Mountains 1000. The weather is sunny with a sharp early morning wind. The first runs will commence at 8.30am AEDT.


Group 3

Adam Jones 215kmh 24.02sec

A Linton 263kmh 21.14sec

T Healey 262kmh 21.02sec

B Sutherland 253kmh 22.17sec

D Deaves 233kmh 23.1sec

D Schorn 212kmh 25.7sec

S Muller 237kmh 22.45sec

K Frey 252kmh 22.5sec

A Bronier 216km 24.38sec

P Neijenhoff 227kmh 24.28sec

T Henderson 238kmh 22.23sec

S Carter 237kmh 22.32sec

A Gordon 196kmh 27.18sec

S Hafiz 235kmh 23.96sec

M Cameron 194kmh 26.33sec

N Condos 241kmh 23.47sec

J Schuman 263kmh 22.21sec

D Wilson 239kmh 21.37sec

J Smith 232kmh 23.7sec

T McGrath 283kmh 21.4sec

S Young 206kmh 25.2sec

J Ruby 280kmh 20.6sec

M Molnar 185kmh 27.55sec

A Leigo – no time

T Hall 223kmh 23.81sec


D Macleod 255kmh 23.32sec

I Thomson 242kmh 22.65sec

B Parkin 221kmh 24.7sec

A Thompson 231kmh 23.4sec

Nicole Page 251kmh 20.5sec

Nathan Ross 252kmh 21.83sec

James Heritage 311kmh 17.2sec

Mark Rowley 220kmh 24.24sec

A Richard 204kmh 26.67sec

W Penrose 189kmh 26.9sec

Darren Chambers 207kmh 25.07sec

Frank Urbiztondo 239kmh 22.97sec

J McDonell 208kmh 25.42sec

S Hains 273kmh 19.26sec

Greg Noble 255kmh 22.23sec

Simon Carolan-Work 222kmh 23.98sec

Martin Upenieks 236kmh 25.89sec

T Botic 227kmh 23.4sec

T Muell 228kmh 23.1sec

B Worsley 40kmh 25.5sec

A Chinner 240kmh 22.7sec

Lance Warren 253kmh 20.7sec

S Najder 233kmh 21.87sec

B Metcalf 201kmh 28sec

J Tran 231kmh 21.36sec

D Wicks 157kmh 31.21sec

Scott Turnbull 224kmh 21.49sec

Glenn Torrens 174kmh 28sec


L Sungaila 264kmh 20.9sec

Max Meiers 250kmh 20.6c

C Sandy 240km 22.4sec

W Cuthbert 248kmh 21.9sec

Andrew Proctor 231kmh 23.2sec

T Triccas 308kmh 18.9sec

Anthony Burke 262kmh 20.99sec

Darren Maxwell 323kmh 20.96sec

M Stevenson 261kmh 20.5sec

Paul Fisher 270kmh 18.63sec


Group 1

Raymomd Jones 273kmh 21.09sec

A Kalantzis – non start

Noel Pickering 257kmh 21.9sc

M Sgaravizzi 239kmh 22.8sc

M Davis 296kmh 19.6sec

E Dalakakis 252kmh 19.24sec

P Torony 300kmh 20.8sec

Dustin Page 255kmh 22.34sec

D Mitchell 178kmh 24.7sec


Willall Racing have parked the 001 R35 GTR Skyline after damaging the all wheel drive system in the custom built racer.

Group 5
J Simpson 229kmh 23.16sec
T Findlay 201kmh 25.9sec
P Morris 250kmh 22.3sec
M Elliott 234kmh 23.5sec
R Kingsley 236kmh 24.09sec
Robert Duggan 199kmh 26.27sec
J Robinson 231kmh 24.18sec
M Dillon 237kmh 22.72sec
M Clifford 245kmh 21.2sec
R Allan 189kmh 27.3sec
S Young 204kmh 24.8sec
R Edmiston 202kmh 28.9sec
Thomas Richard 205kmh 27.13sec
P Sandy 225kmh 22.3sec
J Sullings 249kmh 21.69sec
M Mak 213kmh 24.08sec
K Atkinson 216kmh 24.4sec
P Schorn 228kmh 24.21sec
N Michael 212kmh 25.3sec
L Schulze 258kmh 22sec
T Cossill 192kmh 27.8sec
Michael Molnar 181kmh 28.3sec
S Hains 253kmh 20.69sec
K Muller 132kmh 30.3sec
B Worsley 216kmh 27.58sec
Steve Lemon 234kmh 22.6sec


Group 4

H Stig 185kmh 28.97sec

G Hayes 224kmh 23.45sec

J Bearham 98kmh 46.52sec

J Weaver 203km 28.35sec

G Southwell 209kmh 26.33sec

A L ewandowski 189kmh 27.59sec

Marcus Powe 203kmh 25.94sec

Ben Lipman 228kmh 24.12sec

J Watkinson 228kmh 23.7sec

Chris Connolly 255kmh 21.3sec

B Needs 231kmh 22.7sec

C Corbett 209kmh 25.1sec

Andrew Addison 211kmh 29.46sec

C Knight 12kmh 25.25sec

L Sola 191kmh 25.2sec

N Vlotis 228kmh 23.27sec

S Muller 238kmh 22.45sec

J Stevenson 221kmh 24.9sec

M Molnar – non timed

A Leigo 188kmh 27.7sec

T McGrath 287kmh 19.8sec

Lani Draheim 215kmh 24.6sec

Bill Batchelor 245kmh 22.3sec

Richard Schumack 128kmh 37.96sec

James Schorn 216kmh 24.68sec

J Ruby 283kmh 19.9sec

J Smith 240kmh 23.22sec

J Sanderson 223kmh 23.9sec

D Chinner 246kmh 22sec

D Ranson 184kmh 28.2sec

K Wicks 202kmh 25.4sec

T Hall 224kmh 24.2sec


Group 3
T Healey 262kmh 20.73sec
A Linton 267kmh 21.04sec
A Jones 225kmh 24.11sec
B Sutherland 250kmh 22.70sec
S Carter 203kmh 24.25sec
P Neijenhoff 232kmh 23.28sec
J Schuman 241kmh 22.56sec
F Fargnoli 239kmh 22.52sec
A Gordon 192kmh 27.29sec
B Metcalf 209kmh 24.81sec
S Nadjer 229kmh 22.18sec
K Frey 250kmh 22.37sec
G Wiggans 228kmh 22.64sec
T Henderson 235kmh 22.61sec
N Condos 71kmh 23.26sec
J Heritage 138kmh 35.3sec
D Deaves 233kmh 22.92sec
J Bentley 226kmh 25.49sec
A Bronier 217kmh 24.10sec
D Wilson 235kmh 21.22sec
D Schorn 211kmh 25.83sec
B Worsley 103kmh 38.56sec
M Cameron 197kmh 26.51sec
S Hafiz 232kmh 24.64sec
S Turnbull 219kmh 22.57sec
B Mackintosh 28kph 41.96sec


T Botic 226kmh 23.45sec
N Ross 251kmh 22.55sec
T Starrs 283kmh 20.05sec
D Chambers 215km 24.68sec
K Muller 132kmh 30.37sec
A Chinner 246kmh 22.74sec
B Parkin 221kmh 25.43sec
S Carolan-Work 224kmh 24sec
F Urbiztondo 237kmh 23.27sec
A Richard 205kmh 26.51sec
D Wicks 152kmh 30.78sec
G Torrens 174kmh 28.07sec
J Tran 228kmh 22.32sec


Group 2
D Macleod 253kmh 23.66sec
B McGregor 215kmh 24.33sec
G Noble 256kmh 21.62sec
M Upenieks 233kmh 24.36sec
W Penrose 190kmh 26.71sec
A Thompson 231kmh 23.01sec
I Thomson 241kmh 23.17sec
A Neish 298kmh 18.01sec
N Page 251kmh 20.6sec
T Muell 234kmh 22.49sec
J McDonell 208kmh 24.43sec
M Rowley 219kmh 24.44sec


A Kalantzis 273kmh 20.33sec
L Warren 252kmh 20.89sec
M Davis 298kmh 18.89sec
W Cuthbert 256kmh 20.77sec
S Hains 271kmh 19.35sec
C Sandy 242kmh 22.50sec
T Triccas 178kmh 22.09sec
A Proctor 257kmh 22.72sec
D Mitchell 127kmh 26.64sec
L Sungaila 267kmh 21.26sec
M Meiers 261kmh 20.17sec
E Dalakakis 278kmh 18.48sec
J Heritage 309kmh 17.44sec
D Page 256kmh 22.61sec
D Maxwell 252kmh 22.38sec
A Burke 264kmh 21sec
M Stevenson 260kmh 20.81sec

We are working to fix our resource issues and will have a fix in place shortly.


Group 1
N Pickering 258kmh 21.69sec
P Torony 289kmh 20.39sec
M Sgaravizzi 241kmh 22.32sec
Raymond Jones 276kmh 21.10sec
Kier Wilson 259kmh 17.49sec


R Duggan 194kmh 27.07sec
S Young 201kmh 26.07sec
M Molnar 181kmh 28.51sec
J Sullings 260kmh 21.76
T Richard 206kmh 26.31sec
J Smith 239kmh 23.91sec
M Mak 207kmh 24.33sec
P Scorn 227kmh 24.39sec
M Dillon 241kmh 22.92sec


Group 5
J Simpson 216kmh 24.65sec
T Findlay 199kmh 26sec
S Norman 234kmh 22.51sec
P Morris 251kmh 22.64sec
R Kingsley 234kmh 23.93sec
M Elliott 228kmh 24.16sec
B Worsley 102kmh 39.85sec
J Robinson 230kmh 23.42sec
M Clifford 245kmh 21.14sec
T Cossill 250kmh 22.39sec
R Edmiston 196kmh 29.48sec
S Muller 236kmh 22.16sec
N Michael 216kmh 24.91sec
L Schulze 232kmh 22.73sec
P Sandy 251kmh 21.70sec
K Atkinson 218kmh 24.89sec
R Allan 199kmh 26.85sec
S Lemon 233kmh 22.41sec


G Southwell 209kmh 26.04sec
J Watkinson 231kmh 23.14sec
J Weaver 197kmh 26.88sec
L Draheim 216kmh 24.59sec
M Powe 195kmh 25.39sec
M McAndrew 219kmh 22.02sec
N Vlotis 191kmh 24sec
B Batchelor 248kmh 21.72sec
G Coulsen 279kmh 19.19sec
B Lipman 231kmh 24.08sec
A Addison 195kmh 30.43sec
M Molnar 189kmh 27.33sec
L Sola 220kmh 25.27sec
J Sanderson 223kmh 23.89sec
A Lewandowski 192kmh 27sec
J Bearham 203kmh 26.33sec
T McGrath 290kmh 20.67sec
J Schorn 217kmh 24.46sec
R Schumack 126kmh 38.35sec
S Hains 254kmh 20.54sec
D Chinner 245kmh 23.27sec
K Wicks 202kmh 24.55sec
S Nadjer 231kmh 21.73sec
D Ranson 139kmh 31.77sec
J Tran 235kmh 21.84sec
P Fisher 271kmh 18.63sec


P Corbett 198kmh 25.75sec
B Needs 227kmh 23.1sec
T Hall 225kmh 24.21sec
G Hayes 226kmh 23.12sec
C Connolly 256kmh 21.23sec
J Stevenson 226kmh 23.99
C Knight 210kmh 24.84sec
J Ruby 283kmh 21.16sec


Car 85 J Heritage 133km/h 21.66 sec
Car 100 A Leigo 223km/h 25.83sec
Car 68 S Hafis 235kmh 23.46sec
Car 71 B Mackintosh 165kmh 27.74sec


Car 75 – A Bronier 208km/h 25.88sec
Car 88 A Jones 228km/h 23.68sec
Car 87 N Condos 240km/h 23.6sec
Car 74 A Gordon 188km/h 28.30sec


Car 79 F Fargnoli 242km/h 22.23sec
Car 82 G Wiggans 228km/h 23.1sec
Car 154 T Henderson 240km/h 22.20sec
Car 77 B Sutherland 251km/h 20.17sec


Car 67 – S Carter – 214km/h 23.16sec
Car 69 – T Healey – 262km/h 20.73sec


Group 1

Raymomd Jones 273kmh 21.09sec

A Kalantzis – non start

Noel Pickering 257kmh 21.9sc

M Sgaravizzi 239kmh 22.8sc

M Davis 296kmh 19.6sec

E Dalakakis 252kmh 19.24sec

P Torony 300kmh 20.8sec

Dustin Page 255kmh 22.34sec

D Mitchell 178kmh 24.7sec


Corrected time D Maxwell 317km/h


Car 59 – W Penrose – 192km/h 26.39sec
Car 34 – A Neish – 310km/h 18.18sec


Car 61 – A Thompson – 232km/h 23.76sec
Car 38 – F Urbiztondo – 238km/h 22.83sec
Car 62 – D Wicks – 156km/h 30.70sec
Car 39 – G Torrens – 173km/h 28.18sec


Car 54 – R Stenhouse – 224km/h 24.56sec
Car 52 – N Ross – 251km/h 22.54sec
Car 44 – D Chambers – 222km/h 24.53sec


Car 57 – T Muell 230km/h 22.49sec
Car 33 – A Chinner – 74km/h 22.29km/h
Car 56 – S Carolan-Work 224km/h 23.87nsec
Car 50 – N Page – 236km/h 20.66sec


Car 41 – M Rowley – 223km/h 24.24sec
Car 58 – T Botic – 229km/h 23.19sec
Car 53 – K Muller – 2209km/h 25.33sec
Car 60 – B McGregor – 217km/h 24.28sec


Car 49 – J McDonell – 282km/h 24.08sec
Car 42 – B Parkin – 223km/h 25.18sec
Car 35 – I Thomson – 244km/h 22.67sec


Car 47 – G Noble – 249km/h 21.50sec
Car 37 – T Starrs – 129km/h 20.01sec
Car 51 – M Upenieks – 236km/h 23.7sec


Group 2
D Maxwell – 3317km/h21.15sec
Car 2 EDalakakis – 272km/h 18.88sec
Car 45 – D Macleod – 256km/h 22.81sec


Car 10 – T Triccas – 256km/h 19.06sec
Car 11 – M Davis – 304km/h 20.25sec
Car 8 – M Stevenson – 113km/h 40.95sec


Car 17 – D Page – 255km/h 22.14sec
Car 27 – P Torony 280km/h 21.05sec
Car 30 – C Sandy – 239km/h 22.17sec


Car 22 – A Burke – 265km/h 20.86sec
Car 13 – M Sgaravizzi – 243km/h 22.37sec
Car 28 – Raymond Jones – 266km/h 22.11sec


Car 29 -L Warren – 251km/h 21.4sec
Car 5 – J Heritage – 2258km/h 19.62sec


Car 7 – M Meiers – 261km/h 21.1sec
Car 26 – L Sungaila – 271km/h 20.1sec


Car 23 – A Kalantzis – 270km/h 20.84sec
Car 9 – W Cuthbert – 260km/h 20.7sec


Car 6 – S Hains 271km/h 19.06sec


Car 24 – N Pickering – 259km/h n21.68sec
Car 20 – A Proctor – 257km/h 23.12sec


Car 12 – D Mitchell – 47km/h 45.85sec


And we are go!
Group 1
Car 001 – Keir Wilson – 328km/h 16.82sec – FASTEST PASS INNAUSTRALIAN HISTORY


Final testing is being completed in preparation for today’s racing


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