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Jaguar redefines the sports saloon

2015 Jaguar XE - redefining sports saloons

ITS seductive good looks and the name from which it comes are not all that makes the new 2015 Jaguar XE one of the most exciting prospects in the luxury sports saloon market – there’s the supercharged 250kW 3-litre V6 in the S variant that’s lifted straight from the F-Type to do that.

We’re talking 0-100kph in just 5.1 seconds kind of exciting. Built on a first in class aluminium-intensive monocoque which delivers an extremely robust but light construction, the XE offers streamlined styling, luxurious interior, and outstanding ride and handling.

Rear wheel drive, like all good sports sedans should be, the Jag features a range of engine options (including various turbo petrol and turbo diesel engine configurations – plus the supercharged V6), coupled to an 8-speed transmission to deliver exceptional power to weight ratios.

A long 2,835mm wheelbase and low seating position enable perfect proportions and a streamlined profile, while the cabin offers outstanding levels of comfort and spaciousness. Jaguar’s new InControl infotainment system takes centre stage: its innovative 8-inch touch screen brings fast, intuitive access to all features and functions.

Laser projection technology enables the XE’s head-up display (HUD) to generate sharp, high-contrast colour graphics (such as vehicle speed and navigation) from a module smaller and almost a third lighter than existing systems, retaining clarity even in direct sunlight, while a stereo camera is mounted behind the front windscreen to give the XE a 3D view of the road ahead: this highly accurate data is used for functions including autonomous emergency braking and a lane departure warning system.

While we’re talking features, it’s also the first Jaguar saloon to be equipped with electric power steering, tuned to provide exceptional responsiveness and feel but with lower energy consumption than hydraulic systems.

The XE enters the sports saloon space below the XF and XJ model lines, with four model variants, starting with the Prestige as the base model ($60,400 for the 2 litre turbo (petrol) option), with its sporty partner in crime the R-Sport slotting in just above it at $64,400, ahead of the super luxury Portfolio from $70,400. The top-line supercharged V6 S is $104,200.


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