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SO, there really is this thing that is essentially half a bike, a motorised uni-cycle of sorts if you will, and the company that makes it plans to sell it to the world as a personal transportation device – we kid you not.

This is quite possibly the most bizarre thing we’ve ever come across, it has a rechargable motor inside the wheel in essence, is good for 16km/h and is good for 24 or 25km in distance (so it’s not going to get you into the city from the suburbs, but if you already lived in the city, well, this could be a cool way to get to work.

From the company’s website: “Cars, scooters and even typical two-wheeled bicycles are confined to the road. The RYNO – at less than half the length of a bicycle – fits where you stand, and can pivot 360 degrees on a vertical axis. Ride into an elevator, spin around, press the floor button, and then effortlessly back up like any other person on foot.”

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Priced at about $5,500 and built in the USA (by hand and all), the RYNO is like something out of a random science fiction movie (or a Disney tale like Wall-E), and apparently it’s not that hard to ride – with a little practice.

Again from the company’s website: “With a little practice, riding a RYNO is as natural and easy as riding a bike (and a whole lot less likely to make you break a sweat.) RYNO keeps you from falling by helping you balance forward and backward – you’re responsible for balancing it side-to-side. The RYNO is designed to resemble a conventional motorcycle in its controls, and riding position making you feel right at home as soon as you sit down.”

Just imagine if everyone had one… there’d be personal transportation device traffic jams everywhere.

Sponsored Post: This story was published on behalf of RYNO.


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