Guides: Interstate car transport in Australia

You just found your dream car, but it’s on the other side of the country and you need to get it to, well you. If you’ve ever wondered how to do that, or you’re moving interstate and you need to shift your vehicle, read on.

Besides seeing massive car transporters on the highway, it’s one of those services that only gets brought to your attention when it’s needed. That’s why we’re about to tell you everything you need to know about car transport in Australia.

It provides a highly effective solution when moving house over a long distance or buying or selling a vehicle. Simple right. It is if you education yourself before using a car transport service.

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In this article, we explore the main options and the most asked questions, including how to change over your rego and fill your car with belongings.

Your Interstate car transport options

When it comes to the actual move, you have three main options for interstate and long distances, all of which have different price tags, starting from the most economical to the most expensive.

  1. Depot-to-Depot: This requires you to drop off and pick up your car at the transport company’s depots. These are in every major city in Australia and are generally in industrial areas outside the city centres.
  2. Door-to-Door: This is a more convenient option, where the company picks up and drops off the car at your desired location, which can be a residential address or an office building.
  3. Enclosed Transport: Ideal for luxury, classic, or high-value vehicles, this option offers protection from the elements and added security. This is generally only offered as a door-to-door service.

Each option has pros and cons, depending on your budget, vehicle type, and convenience needs.

Will they pick up from my house?

Yes. This is the most used service as it provides convenience and minimal fuss. If you’re moving house, you can also request a residential pickup and then ask them to hold the vehicle at a destination depot.

The latter is a great option if you don’t have exact moving dates and one means you have one less thing to organise.

How much does it cost?

This is dependent on four key factors, detailed below.

  • Distance: The longer the travel time the higher the cost.
  • Type of service: See the first section of this article for details.
  • Urgency: Flexible dates will help to lower the cost.
  • Vehicle size: Larger vehicles, such as vans will increase the cost.

Tip: To get the best price for interstate car transport, check out Upmove. You can compare all the best transport companies across Australia in a single request. You can then see their ratings and reviews and make an informed decision.

Can I fill my car with belongings?

Most car transport companies don’t allow you to fill your vehicle; this is due to weight restrictions and for insurance reasons. Some will allow you to fill up to the bottom of windows for visibility but will charge a fee.

Typically, you can leave items that are part of the car, like a spare tyre or jack.

Do I need to change my car rego?

When moving interstate, you’re required to change your car rego to the new State. Each State has its own timeframe for when this change must be completed, but it’s usually within three (3) months of relocation.

Ensure you’re familiar with both the regulations of your current State and the State you’re moving to. This process involves:

  • Obtaining a roadworthy certificate in the new state
  • Providing proof of residency and identity
  • Paying the registration fees

Remember, driving with an expired rego from another state can lead to fines, so don’t leave this until the last minute. To find out more, you can check out a comprehensive guide covering all States of Australia.

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