THERE’S a new kid in town. A new Guardian watching over the streets of Victoria. Intrigued yet?

The Victorian Police Force have unveiled a new toy, a Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe, to be used as an operational highway patrol car and to promote in-car safety features at exhibits across the State over the next 12 months.

Assistant Commissioner Doug Fryer said it was important for people to consider buying the safest car they could afford when the time came to purchase a new vehicle.

“Death and serious injuries on Victorian roads could be reduced by a third overnight if everyone was driving the safest cars they can afford. We’re not saying that everyone needs to rush out and buy the latest and greatest but we need people to prioritise safety over leather seats and shiny wheels,” he said.

“Your car should be a guardian for your safety and the safety of your family much like police are a guardian for everyone in the community.”

AC Fryer said the long term vision of zero deaths and serious injuries on Victoria’s roads would only be achieved through a combination of safer roads, safer people, safer speeds, and safer vehicles.

“Reducing the number of lives needlessly lost on our roads requires a whole of community effort,” he said. “Police have a responsibility to do more than just catch unsafe drivers and we can do this by promoting safer vehicles and encouraging business to play its part.”

The Guardian will be on display at the Industry and Innovation Precinct during the 2016 Formula One Rolex Australian Grand Prix.


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