Flat batteries the biggest culprit in breakdowns

Who knew “charge your car day” was even a thing? Whether it is or not, and it seems that it is, there’s no denying that flat batteries are one of the biggest causes of vehicle breakdowns. In fact, they account for 43 per cent of all roadside callouts.

So today (5 October), CTEK is urging motorists to consider the health of their battery. When you consider 20 per cent of motorists overestimated how long they last, and more than 42 per cent can’t remember changing theirs in the last three years, it’s sage advice.

High energy prices also mean many people are concerned about the cost of living but recharging your battery requires minimal amounts of power and is more cost effective than a battery replacement that can cost up to $350.

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We can vouch for the experience, with one of our company vehicles (an older car built in 2013), operating an aftermarket plug-in audio transmitter. Left at a train station for two weeks, said device quietly drained the battery to nought.

One new battery later, and the company wallet was a little worse for wear. A charger would have been handy. It’s worth noting too that the energy required to recharge your car battery is the same as watching TV for five hours.

Alternatively, it’s also less than it would cost you to cook in an electric oven for an hour, play on game console for three hours or do two loads of laundry. If you own an EV or PHEV, your 12V auxiliary battery needs love too.

Charged via the car’s internal DC-DC system, the battery is only charged to 100 per cent when connected to an external battery charger (like CTEK’s MXS 5.0).  Regular maintenance charging also helps prevent sulfation.

If you do break down, using CTEK’s CS FREE adaptive booster is a wise choice compared to traditional jump starters, offering a safer and gentler start. This reduces the risk of damaging the battery or causing electrical system issues.

“CTEK battery chargers are famous the world over for their performance and reliability – we even make branded chargers for over 40 of the world’s biggest and most prestigious car manufacturers,” APAC regional sales manager Paul Oddy said.

“Charge Your Car Day was launched to celebrate and acknowledge the hard work of the humble car battery and to raise awareness of how regular battery maintenance saves you money.”

In challenging economic times, a car battery charger saves you money especially given the rising trend to using our cars less. For further information on ‘Charge Your Car Day’ and advice about how to maintain your battery, visit: https://www.ctek.com

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