Camino Motorcycle Jeans (product review)

Jeans – they’re the ultimate clothing item in terms of comfort and practicality. You can wear them out, to work, digging holes, or just sitting around watching the footy. Thanks to Camino Motorcycle Wear, you can also ride in them, and protect yourself at the same time.

This writer is one of the fussiest people on earth when it comes to not only motorbike attire, but clothing in general. They have to be just right. To put it into context, we are talking about a guy that wears one type of undies and only one brand of work pants.

I don’t like “tight” fitting pants around my legs, and I have an expectation of comfort. When I find it in clothing, I stick with one brand. That means Camino’s motorcycle jeans would be put to the test, big time.

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We were hoping the Camino jeans wouldn’t disappoint and to say they haven’t would be an understatement. From the first time we unpacked them and slid them on, they fit like a dream – offering a firm fit without being tight.

They aren’t heavy like older-style Kevlar bike jeans either, and nor are they bulky, even with the hip and knee armour inserted. It’s all thanks to UHMWPE, or ultra-high molecular-weight polyethylene.

Camino Motorcycle Jeans
Camino Motorcycle Jeans

A relatively new solution, the UHMWPE fibre is woven in with standard cotton yarn (and a bit of elastane and Lycra for comfort), then woven as normal to form a single layer blended denim fabric that produces abrasion resistant, protective motorcycle jeans.

Not too dissimilar from a regular pair of denim jeans in look and feel, the fabric is known as Armalith. The versatility of the Camino motorcycle jeans is what stands out though, and they work great whether we’re on a Harley-Davidson cruiser or a Ducati Monster SP.

The fit is just right and they are comfortable in any riding position, although we did notice a tiny bit of dig from the knee armour on the big HD, with the inserts moving to the inside of the knee when feet forward riding. They’re still super comfortable though.

That said, they are tight at the bottom around your ankles to help keep the wind out when riding in that position. In a nice touch, they still fit over my Harley-Davidson riding boots, but can easily tuck into the Alpinestars I ride sports bikes with.

While it’s not a big deal, we’re not sure they’d fit over a full sports boot. As an added bonus, my girlfriend likes how they fit, and the fact they are a little more body hugging than my usual jeans.

Camino Motorcycle Jeans
Camino Motorcycle Jeans

In her words, they fit how pants should. On that front, the Camino motorcycle jeans also look good enough to wear them out to dinner, without looking like I’ve just hoped off the bike.

Having owned these jeans for a few months now, I can hand on heart say they are the most comfortable riding pants I’ve ever worn, and have been recommending them to my mates that ride, and anyone else who will listen.

Camino Motorcycle Jeans are available in Black, Indigo and Navy, but the colours are style specific. Pricing starts from $260 for the Navy Chinos, $295 for Indigo Slim Fit and $377 for Black Regular Fit. You can buy them online from Camino, or from selected stockists.

Our test product was provided by Camino Motorcycle Wear. Exhaust Notes Australia has not been paid to review this product.

Pros – fit firmly without being tight; exceptionally comfortable; can wear them out to dinner.

Cons – knee armour presses a little when feet forward; may not fit over a sports bike boot; regular fit not available in blue.

Camino Motorcycle Jeans
Camino Motorcycle Jeans
Adam Cranstone
Adam Cranstone
Adam Cranstone started his motorbike journey in his teenage years when he brought home his first bike against his parents wishes. It was at that point that he knew motorbikes were in his blood. He has a love for high performance sports bikes, dirt bikes and tourers, but is happy to climb aboard any two-wheeled machine.


  1. Hi Pat – yes they do they have passed AAA Level Abrasion testing and our test pair were fitted with SAS-TEC armour in the hips and knees that have Surpassed the prescribed standard EN 1621-1:2012, Level 1 by about 30 percent. There is also a greta video showing some of the testing on their website.


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