Bentley goes hybrid with 2021 Bentayga

BENTLEY is taking the next step on its journey to a sustainable future with the launch of the new Bentayga Hybrid, the only electrified true-luxury SUV in the world, and a model Bentley predicts will become a best seller.

Following the recent launches of the new Bentayga V8 and Speed, the Hybrid becomes the third model in the most successful luxury SUV portfolio the segment has ever seen.

It offers the ultimate in electric luxury, with smooth and silent progress through urban environments, while having the grand touring capability to escape the city and explore further.

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Refined and acoustically-isolated serenity in the cabin is a benefit of the 50km electric-only range, with a combined 863km range ensuring you can well and truly escape the city.

Introducing the very latest on-board technology and an even more cosseting cabin, the new Bentayga is significantly revised both inside and out from the previous generation. The Hybrid benefits greatly from these changes.

Subtle exterior badging complements the new Bentayga’s exterior design now prevalent across the entire model range, giving Bentley the freshest and most modern product family of any luxury car company.

Thanks to the Hybrid’s range, the majority of journeys can be achieved completely in electric only, with zero emissions, delivering more benefits environmentally and building on Bentley’s new reputation for sustainability for the future.

The Bentayga Hybrid’s electrified powertrain consists of 12 main components in three key areas, including the distribution of electricity. The charge point is located on the left-hand side of the car, opposite the fuel flap and is specific to the region of the vehicle.

An LED provides a visual indicator showing the state of charge of the battery, which can be charged at a rate of 7.2kW/h.

The 17.3kWh lithium battery consist of 168 individual cells with an expected life of 161,000km or eight years, and can be charged to 100 per cent in as little as two and a half hours (region specific).

The power electronics convert the energy stored from the high voltage battery to supply the E Motor or supplement the existing 12v vehicles electrical infrastructure.

Conversion of stored energy into smooth, effortless performance is via the 94kW E Motor, which can produce up to 350Nm.

The E Motor is housed within the transmission, between the gearbox and internal combustion engine and can deliver full torque instantaneously from stationary, providing silent and rapid vehicle acceleration.

A 3.0-litre twin turbocharged V6 engine supplements the E Motor when additional torque is required or when speeds above 135km/h are requested. To warn pedestrians of the vehicle’s near silent movement, a dedicated speaker emits an exterior sound at low speeds.

The Bentayga Hybrid not only has different drive modes, it can also use the information stored via its efficiency navigation system to achieve the very best efficiency, via feedback through the throttle pedal.

The specially designed accelerator pedal provides a pressure point when in EV Drive to denote the boundary between pure electric and hybrid power. This encourages the driver to stay in EV Drive for as long as possible, but can also be disabled if required.

Bentley Hybrid efficiency braking blends seamless integration of braking between the E Motor and conventional hydraulic braking, to provide a conventional feel to the brake pedal for comfort and driving experience, while maximising recuperation of energy.

A dedicated button allows control over the three E modes, EV Drive, Hybrid Mode and Hold Mode. These will enable the driver to manually manage battery usage during a journey, though this can also be managed automatically by the car.

In pure electric drive, the E Motor continues to function up to speeds of up to 140km/h.

The new Bentayga Hybrid is delivered with all of the required market specific cables, facilitating charging of the vehicle at the home or via industrial charge points at work or in public car parks.

In addition to the standard equipment supplied, customers can also choose a Bentley branded wallbox available as a no cost option, providing an attractive solution, housing the charge unit and neatly storing the charge cables.

The latest release of the My Bentley in-car and remote connected car services are available through the new Bentayga Hybrid. In-car services are now delivered through an embedded SIM.

Further information, including pricing and availability, will be announced closer to launch date.

Bentley goes hybrid with 2021 Bentayga
2021 Bentley Bentayga Hybrid interior
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