Auto Review: 2020 Lamborghini Huracàn EVO

BIANCO Icarus. It sounds like a Game of Thrones character. Not quite. It’s actually the Italian name for the shade of white adorning our 2020 Lamborghini Huracán EVO. Not purple, or lime green, or bright yellow. White. And it rocks it.

But before we get started, let’s have a moment of honesty. We all had the Countach or Diablo on our bedroom wall as a kid, and we all dreamed of owning one, or at the very least driving one, when we grew up. This car will re-ignite your inner child.

If first impressions count for anything, the Huracán EVO has it all going on. From the orange brake calipers and interior highlights to its wide stance and super low body, there’s something for everyone. That’s without factoring its aggressive front end and that booty.

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It’s a show stopper in the looks department, with some nice nods to its past, including the Murciélago, and takes the best bits of the Performante, LP-610-4 and the LP580-2, and throws them together to make the best version of the Huracán to date.

The EVO represents the natural evolution of the most successful V10 in Lamborghini history. It is the direct result of tech boffins at Lamborghini fine tuning the hell out of it and turning the dial up to eleven.

We had the opportunity recently to drive the Huracàn EVO around the Phillip Island race circuit, which gave us the chance to understand its track ability and DNA. But to drive it in a street setting, this will let us see what it’s like to live with in real life.

Powered by a wickedly quick 5.2-litre naturally aspirated V10 pushing out 470kW and 600Nm, the Huracán EVO rolls on the latest version of Pirelli’s P Zero performance tyre and is capable of 0-100km/h in 3.1 seconds.

The V10 is really the show piece of the car. From start up to shutdown, the noise of the almighty bark and the feel of the V10 rumbling behind you makes the smile on your face grow bigger and bigger after every kilometre.

Mated to a seven speed dual clutch auto with paddle shift, our 2020 Lamborghini Huracán EVO came in all-wheel drive (although a rear-wheel drive option is available). It’s enough to pull 1.1G from a standing start under acceleration.

It’s like a theme park thrill ride. It’s hard not to keep your foot on the go pedal and soak up the raw nature of the Huracán. From the smooth shifting gearbox and rev matching downshift to the outstanding handling, it begs you to drive it hard. It does. I heard it.

Featuring three drive modes, including Strada (normal), Sport and Corsa (Track) the Huracàn EVO goes from nimble sedate super car to bat shit crazy fire snorting monster with a flick of a switch and a good stomp of the gas pedal.

Sport and Corsa loosen everything, upping the engine idle, opening up the bi-modal exhaust, relaxing the stability control. Just remember to be paying attention, because your shiny white Lamborghini is now in play mode.

It is nimble and agile thanks to it’s AWD, torque vectoring and traction control systems, with the trio combining with new technologies to deliver maximum performance and enhanced driving dynamics for 2020.

New software within the infotainment system provides accurate real time updates of the car’s behavior, showing how much drive is being sent between the front and rear wheels.

The EVO’s on road driving dynamics are also managed by the magnetorheological suspension system, which help keep the Huracàn planted no matter the pavement. The suspension is well, it’s firm (as you’d expect), but the drive is still comfortable.

You will however notice larger potholes or imperfections in the road (so normal NSW roads), but it isn’t unbearable. It’s just a little rugged. And while this Lamborghini does straight lines really well, it’s real party trick is its ability to corner.

The new Lamborghini Piattaforma Inerziale 2.0 software basically gives the EVO an electronic nervous system, connecting the suspension, gyroscope goodness and aerodynamics together to read the cars’ every move for improved control.

The one challenge you will need to get used to is operating this machine, as the indicators and wipers are located on the steering wheel (no not on stalks, on the front of the actual wheel). We kept looking for the normal indicators, but you eventually get used to it.

With carbon ceramic brakes, the stopping performance is ballistic. Almost to the point it wants to spit you out the windscreen. There’s also a hydraulic lift kit to ensure you can get up and down driveways without tearing off the ultra low front spoiler.

On the inside, the 2020 Lamborghini Huracán EVO features an 8.4-inch infotainment touchscreen system (with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard) to control the car settings and entertainment functions with a tap of your fingertips.

There is one small flaw here though. The audio quality from the sound system isn’t the best. Being a super car we know it’s not about the tunes, but if your cruising around and you want music, it must have good sound. It simply doesn’t.

The interior finishes feel high end and very Italian, exclusive and of the finest quality materials. Space and comfort is pretty good, especially given it’s a super car. The seats are comfortable and are good for long drives, without getting a numb bum.

The driving position is adjustable, allowing you to nestle yourself into the driver’s seat with ease. If you are over 6-foot though, you might have a problem, as head room and seat reach becomes a bit of an issue.

Visibility out the front of the EVO is great, with a massive windscreen, but the biggest surprise is the visibility out the back. With large wing mirrors, and a pretty decent rear screen, you can actually see what’s behind you.

Even reversing the Huracán is easy. The rear-view camera mounted above the license plate provides good clear vision. Our test vehicle was fitted the travel package, which provides netting behind the seats, and a cup holder in the passenger side of the dash.

There’s also a very shallow centre console hole, and if you need to carry more gear, the boot under the bonnet at the front (where the engine normally lives), presents 100-litres of storage space, complete with a 12-volt socket and courtesy light.

Overall, the 2020 Lamborghini Huracán EVO is bat shit crazy. It’s dialed up to eleven, agile, comfortable, and dare we say it, an automotive work of art. If you have a spare $460,000 plus on-roads (and optional extras), you have some choices to make.

You see, there are five solid colours, including the Bianco Icarus of our test car and Verde Scandal (Lamborghini’s version of acidic lime green), five metallics, six special metallics, 14 pearls (including two purples), and 11 matte finishes.

And that’s just the exterior paint, you’ve also got to select from seven wheel choices, eight brake caliper colours, and whether you add some style options that include a gloss black rear diffuser and a clear bonnet panel over the engine.

Our test vehicle was provided by Lamborghini of Sydney. To find out more about the 2020 Lamborghini Huracán EVO, contact your local Lamborghini dealership.


Drive Experience
Exterior Styling
Interior Look and Feel
Technology and Connectivity
Value for Money


Pros - tonnes of power; control and grip; unmistakable engine noise; breath taking design.
Cons - access in and out; headroom; poor quality audio system.
Mick Glenn
Mick Glenn
Mick is a car fanatic, with petrol pumping through his veins. With a deep love for cars, and what makes them tick, Mick likes things that go fast, very fast. But he also appreciates a Sunday cruise in the Rolls...... who are we kidding, he'd drive the wheels off that too.


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<strong>Pros -</strong> tonnes of power; control and grip; unmistakable engine noise; breath taking design.<br> <strong>Cons -</strong> access in and out; headroom; poor quality audio system.Auto Review: 2020 Lamborghini Huracàn EVO