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Edition 44
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22 February 2024
Full Noise
This edition's What's Hot? stories come in the form of a very special bike review (a one-of-one Suzuki Hayabusa), and a very cool smartwatch from the kids at Hard Hat.

In Latest News you'll find a launch review on Triumph's new learner bikes (isn't that a space that's got mighty popular, mighty quickly), a review of the new Hyundai Sonata N-Line, and details on a super cool auto show at Cockatoo Island.

Check it all out below...

What's Hot?

2023 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa PTR Tune (bike review)

2023 Suzuki Hayabusa with PTR Tune
The Hayabusa name automatically conjures thoughts of insane two-wheeled performance. Add in a PTR tune to the spiciest of all Suzuki bikes and you have a recipe for complete lunacy. It's a concoction that's downright crazy. The iconic superbike has forged a reputation over the years for its fearless performance and unbridled power. In the case of the Gen III …

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Hard Hat Smartwatch (product review)

Hard Hat Smartwatch
Smartwatches today are what mobile phones were in the 90’s - an item that can perceivably run your life for you. But like phones, hard working folk need a watch that can take a beating on the job site, or in the gym. Enter Aussie company Hard Hat. These guys have developed a smartwatch that they tell us you can …

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Latest News

Rare car and lifestyle event set for Cockatoo Island

More than 75 vintage and classic cars, super and hyper cars, motorcycles, motorboats, plus sustainable new energy vehicles, will be on display at the sixth Ampol Sydney Harbour Concours d’Elegance on Cockatoo Island from 1-3 March. The Island Edition of haute automobiliste (the vehicular equivalent of high fashion), on the edge of the Pacific is three days of automotive heritage, …

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Sydney Harbour Concours d’Elegance

Toyota confirms price for mild hybrid HiLux range

2024 Toyota HiLux with V-Active Technology
Toyota’s updated "mild hybrid"HiLux range, which features 48-volt technology on select 4x4 double-cab automatic models, will be priced from $54,130 for the SR cab chassis when it goes on sale in March. The new fuel-saving powertrain technology – now known as V-Active Technology – will be optional on SR 4x4 double-cab automatic variants and standard on SR5 and Rogue 4x4 …

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2024 Triumph Speed 400 and Scrambler 400 X (launch ride)

Triumph are the latest to release a range of learner legal motorcycles, with the Speed 400 and Scrambler 400 X designed to wet novice and returning rider's appetites for the road. They continue the bike maker's "modern classic" lineage. In what is somewhat of a utopia for those learning to ride, the array of choice includes new models from Royal …

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2024 Triumph Speed 400

2024 Mazda BT-50 Thunder Pro (car review)

2024 Mazda BT-50 Thunder Pro
When it debuted its third-generation BT-50, now based on the Isuzu D-Max rather than the Ford Ranger like the two generations before it, the main differentiator between the twins was Mazda's sleek styling and premium interior finishes. Now, though, there’s a new reason to separate the two, in the form of a toughened-up off-road version, laden with accessories. Dubbed the Thunder Pro, …

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2024 Hyundai Sonata N-Line (car review)

Now in its eighth generation, the Hyundai Sonata has undergone a facelift, delivering a wonderful execution of the brand’s design language.

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2024 Hyundai Sonata N-Line
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