2024 Segway PowerSports range (launch ride)

Tallarook in country Victoria, and 600 beautiful acres of land, were the venue for a day of off road fun and shenanigans. The reason; the launch of the 2024 Segway Powersports range – made up of quad bikes and side-by-side all-terrain vehicles.

The scenery was picturesque and the machinery, well it was ready for action. First things first though, we needed to learn about the brand and its products. You can throw the notion of two-wheeled upright electric scooters from movies like Mall Cop out the window.

The Segway name represents much more than that, and in this case, a whole host of farm-friendly vehicles that are loaded with tech. Distributed in Australia by Urban Moto Imports, the product range includes the AT5 and AT6 quad bikes.

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These sit alongside the UT10 and UT10 Crew Side-by-Side models. What’s missing from the launch event though is Segway Powersports’ fun factor – the Villain SSV – offering 78kW of power and 93.5Nm of torque from a 1000cc motor in their base form.

What’s more fascinating is what’s not yet been officially announced for Australia, in the form of the hybrid 250kW/500Nm SX-20 Super Villain. It’s an adrenaline chasing off road beast, with selectable drive modes and a 150km/h top speed.

2024 Segway PowerSports Model Launch
2024 Segway PowerSports Model Launch

With some quick product introductions and technical information showcasing done and dusted, we hit the specially curated test track. A thing of beauty, it was much more than we expected (we were thinking open paddock, some bumps and witches hats).

We do enjoy when we’re wrong though, at least when it comes to testing recreational vehicles, and so we climbed aboard the AT6 quad bike for our initial foray into the bush. What we found were rocks, steep ups and downs, loose surfaces, and tight turns.

It was completely nuts, and an absolute blast. Quite frankly, we couldn’t get enough after our first tentative lap. The AT6 is a decent bit of kit, with a 570cc motor producing just on 33kW of power and 48Nm of torque. It’s loaded with goodies, including safety tech.

You’ll also find performance shocks and a diff lock, as well as a TFT dash. It has more than enough power to accelerate out of any situation we threw at it, and boasts a 270kg payload. Rolling on 14-inch rims, it’s very capable.

It’s priced competitively from $12,990 for the entry model, through to $14,990 for the top of the range variant. We might have even snuck ourselves into the second group of journalists so we could have another lap on it, such is the riding experience it offers.

2024 Segway PowerSports Model Launch
2024 Segway PowerSports Model Launch

Next up was the AT6’s little brother, the AT5. Priced from $9,990 up to $11,490 depending on the variant, it represents pretty good value. Its 499cc powerplant produces a very tidy 28kW of power and 44Nm of torque.

We probably enjoyed the AT5 more too because you had to work a little harder to get the most out of it. That aside, both are very good options for recreational purposes or agricultural business operators.

Having clearly spent too much time on the quad bikes, lunch and some tasty burgers arrived much quicker than we expected. It was then we realised we were running out of opportunities to test a UT-10 side-by-side.

We set off on a fresh lap of the test track in what can best be described as a sophisticated golf cart on steroids, that’s capable of off-roading its way in and out of any situation. It features four-wheel drive, diff locks and a host of other goodies.

It even comes equipped with a large TFT display which you can integrate with the Segway app. The latter lets you setup navigation, vehicle tracking and allows you to remotely turn the UT-10 on and off.

2024 Segway PowerSports Model Launch
2024 Segway PowerSports Model Launch

We were having none of that though as we slid around corners, climbed steep inclines and found ourselves pointed at the bush, heading off the track on more than a few occasions. In the end, we made it back, both us and the UT-10 in one piece.

It was just in time too as the mini-van taking us back to the airport was about to start its journey without us. Near extended stay in Victoria aside, the UT-10 has a sibling in the form of a Crew model, which adds extra seating capacity.

There’s plenty to like about the entire Segway PowerSports range thanks to a solid product range, with multiple spec variants within each offering to suit various recreational and farming pursuits. A variety of accessories can also be had for each vehicle.

We recommend you take the time to check out what they have on offer online, or across their expanding dealer network, and we’ll keep you informed as new models arrive, including the wicked Super Villain.

Our test vehicles were provided by Segway PowerSports Australia as part of its ANZ product range launch event. Pictures courtesy of Tom Fossati.

Andrew Jenkin
Andrew Jenkin
Andrew Jenkin is the ride editor at Exhaust Notes Australia, founding editor of Two Wheel Addicts, a contributor at Bike Review and panel judge for Harley Davidson's Breakout Boss competition. Andrew has a love for anything on two wheels whether that be sports, naked or adventure bikes, with a guilty pleasure for cruisers.


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