2024 Genesis G80 Electrified Luxury (car review)

If you’re looking for an executive sedan that offers an imposing yet business-like persona, the Genesis G80 Electrified might be the car for you. Available in just one variant, Luxury, it has a large, yet swooping profile.

Featuring Genesis’ now iconic split headlights and corner-wrapping taillights, and a giant crest grille that dominates its front end, the G80 Electrified delivers understated elegance. Inside, the focus is on rear seat passengers.

Each occupant is treated to their own 9.2-inch touchscreen, controlled from the individual fold-down armrest. Front row passengers haven’t been forgotten either, with some very comfortable seats, equipped with a massage function.

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They bolster up when Sport mode is selected, but with a bit less theatre than say a Kia Stinger. Roomy yet comforting, the G80 features a 20-speaker Lexicon sound system that will pump out the movies from the back seat, to the whole car.

The front screen of course displays nothing (when driving) so as to not distract the driver. Native satellite navigation is good, but you can also opt for wired (yes, you need a cord) phone connectivity for Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

2024 Genesis G80 Electrified Luxury
2024 Genesis G80 Electrified Luxury

All of the above is available across the G80 range, and we have previously given the G80 V6 a thumbs-up. Now that we are reviewing the Electrified model, we have to turn to where this car differs from its ICE counterparts.

Our G80 Electrified looked smart in Matira Blue, which is an exclusive colour option for the EV. You can also opt for matte colours including Verbier White and Makalu Grey Matte, or standard colours like Uyuni White, Saville Silver, Makalu Grey, Vik Black and Capri Blue.

The G80 Electrified weighs a bit more than the V6 version, tipping the scales at 2,325kg compared to 2070kg. Packing the vehicle full of batteries has that effect, and you can feel it in the driving.

It can’t hide its weight when going around town, however, the car manages to handle quite well regardless and wafts along pleasantly on highways and motorways. With its 87.2kWh battery, the G80 Electrified outputs 272kW and a huge 700Nm to all four wheels.

This compares well against 224kW and 422Nm in the rear wheel drive 2.5-litre turbo and 279kW and 530Nm in the all wheel drive 3.5-litre twin turbo V6. Both combustion models are mated to an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

2024 Genesis G80 Electrified Luxury
2024 Genesis G80 Electrified Luxury

At this level of luxury, we’re not sure if the sensation of hearing the engine from under the bonnet is sought after over a quieter driving experience, so the Electrified definitely wins on quietness, and can quickly wipe the floor of most at a set of lights.

It’s a sensation that didn’t seem to get old during our time with the car, but definitely not something we imagine the regular G80 driver would be trying out too often either. For bragging rights, the Electrified is claimed to do 0-100km/h in 4.9 seconds.

Regenerative braking is available with the paddle shifters allowing you to alter the braking response by activating i-Pedal, which is effectively Genesis’ version of one-pedal driving. Measuring 5005mm in length can make the G80 a bit tricky to navigate though.

This writer has often not been a fan of relying on technology for parking and such things, however we did manage to manoeuvre it through a very tight Sydney city carpark with a huge thanks to the parking sensors and camera suite.

Front and rear sensors are included, along with 360 cameras, and these display through the wide and clear 14.5-inch infotainment screen. When reversing at night, the G80 projects light onto the road using LED guide lamps.

Inside the 2024 Genesis G80 Electrified Luxury

It offers extra visibility as well as alerting others that the car is moving. For tighter parking spots (and just showing off in general), remote park assist is available from the smart key, allowing you to start and move the car forward or backwards.

Genesis claims the Electrified has 520km of range from a full battery, but use of the air-conditioning on a hot day, too much fun in Sport mode and other factors, will affect this. Genesis claim 22 minutes from 10-80 per cent on an ultra-fast DC charger.

All those batteries need to go somewhere, and as a result the interior floor has been raised. It’s something you don’t initially notice when sitting in the front row, but in the rear, particularly for taller passengers, it restricts how much stretching out you’re able to do.

It removes any space for your feet under the seat in front. As a result, it’s a little uncomfortable back there. The boot is also affected, with a capacity of 354-litres. The ICE G80 offers 424-litres, while rivals, the Mercedes EQE and BMW i5 have more boot space.

EV’s are known for having ‘frunks’ too, or do we call them ‘froots’ (front boots) here? It doesn’t matter in this case, because there isn’t one, and instead, you’ll find a massive plastic cover over more of the battery and motor system under the hood.

front seats
Inside the 2024 Genesis G80 Electrified Luxury

On the plus side though, the G80’s roof is made up of solar panels designed to harness the sun’s energy during the day, ensuring the batteries never go completely flat. It’s a nifty feature (and possibly a nightmare in a hailstorm), which also eliminates a sunroof option.

Cost wise, you’ll need to part with $157,394 or thereabouts, in its electric form, which is a decent hike over the V6 petrol version at $124,839, but comparable to the competitors we already mentioned.

That price does give you a 5-year subscription to Chargefox, and there’s a Genesis branded home charger as well. Servicing is also included for the same period, which matches the warranty, and provides pickup and drop-off of your car, and a courtesy vehicle.

We quite liked the petrol variant when we tested it, and the G80 Electrified Luxury continues to be a (somewhat) comfortable large sedan that’s loaded with creature comforts, just like its sibling.

It can’t escape the fact that it’s a converted electric vehicle though, instead of a ground-up build, and those sacrifices are obvious in the reduced leg room and cargo space, extra weight and premium price.

Inside the 2024 Genesis G80 Electrified Luxury

You can find out more about the 2024 Genesis G80 Electrified Luxury on the Genesis Australia website, or by talking to your local dealership. If you’re keen on one, and need finance, talk to CreditOne.

Our test vehicle was provided by Genesis Motors Australia for review purposes.


Driving experience
Exterior styling
Interior look and feel
Technology and connectivity
Family friendliness
Value for money


Pros - great alternative executive sedan; impressive acceleration; 5-year Chargefox subscription or home charger supplied.
Cons - lacks boot space and rear leg room; no frunk; heavy; only has wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
Daniel Collins
Daniel Collins
Daniel has had a keen interest in cars since getting his first Matchbox toy as a young kid. If he's not car spotting while out on the roads, he'll be plane spotting watching the sky, or diving into one of his many favourite sci-fi universes.


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<strong>Pros -</strong> great alternative executive sedan; impressive acceleration; 5-year Chargefox subscription or home charger supplied.<br> <strong> Cons -</strong> lacks boot space and rear leg room; no frunk; heavy; only has wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.2024 Genesis G80 Electrified Luxury (car review)