2021 Yamaha Tricity 155 scooter (bike review)

WHAT better way to test out this user-friendly urban commuter than hit the streets in the middle of Sydney peak hour traffic. Straightaway we noticed how stable the 2021 Yamaha Tricity 155 feels, with its unique 3-wheel configuration.

Every corner is smooth, stable and unrestricted, without that twitchy feeling that most scooters give with their light weight and skinny tyres. This set up is the perfect combination for a new or inexperienced rider.

Crawling at very low speed is easy too, and you won’t find yourself zig zagging in your lane. But don’t let the looks of the two front wheels fool you, when stopped you still need to put your feet down.

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The Tricity’s blue core 155cc 4-stoke engine delivers enough power to quickly get you up to speed and is very fuel efficient. You won’t have to worry about stopping for fuel too often either, with the 7.2-litre fuel capacity.

Matched with a v-belt automatic transmission, leaving the traffic behind after lane filtering is an effortless task. You’ll never wait in a queue of traffic again. This bike is not just a short distance commuter either.

The Tricity 155 scooter happily cruises at 80km/h which is great on those longer distance errands that you may need to do.

The suspension comprises telescopic forks with 90mm of travel on the front and a unit swing arm with 90mm of travel on the rear, with the combination providing a nice ride, although on rough roads the front end can be very harsh.

2021 Yamaha Tricity 155
2021 Yamaha Tricity 155

Featuring a unified braking system which applies brakes across all three wheels, the Yamaha has hydraulic dual 220mm front discs and a 230mm rear disc, with the safety of ABS.

The braking performance is outstanding, as is the build quality. Nothing feels cheap and every detail is well thought out, right down to the stylish fold away pillion foot pegs and grab handles that are smartly worked into the design of the subframe.

The windscreen ties in nicely with the design and help keeps wind off the rider. The inner front fairing features a waterproof compartment with a 12-volt socket for phone charging too, although it’s a very tight fit and it was almost impossible to fit our iPhone in there.

The ladies even get a well-placed handbag/shopping bag hook that is designed so there’s no chance of it falling off. The under-seat storage is very large, and a full-sized helmet fits with ease, even with gloves and a lightweight jacket thrown in.

We would like to see a 12-volt socket or USB charger in there though. The seat locking system is very easy to use, and trouble free.

The handlebar mounted controls are all in good positions and simple to operate as well. Mounting a phone for navigation could prove difficult though, with a cover hiding the handlebars. A parking brake lever is also provided so the scooter won’t move off its stand when parked on steep grades.

2021 Yamaha Tricity 155
2021 Yamaha Tricity 155

We found the seat comfortable and supportive, with room to adjust position. The seat height was perfect for putting your feet down when stopped too, at least for this writer. A taller person may feel a little cramped though.

The LCD screen is well laid out and easy to read, with two trip meters, a fuel gauge and temperature gauge. Above the screen is a group of warning lights, one of which is an Eco light. At night this light is very bright and quickly becomes annoying.

An LED headlight lights up the road well at night and during the day features a stylish position lamp.

Weighing in at 165kg, it’s not the easiest scooter to maneuver while parking. It takes a bit of effort to get it up on the centre stand as well, but thankfully there is a side stand which is easy to use.

If you are sick of sitting on public transport next to a person who doesn’t shower and looking for a new way to commute to the city, the 2021 Yamaha Tricity 155 offers an affordable and enjoyable alternative for the daily commute.

Priced from $7,149 ride away, it’s available in Milky White only.

2021 Yamaha Tricity 155
2021 Yamaha Tricity 155

Our test bike was provided by Yamaha Motor Australia. To find out more about the 2021 Yamaha Tricity 155, contact your local Yamaha dealer. 


Riding experience
Style and comfort
Braking and handling
Technology and connectivity
Overall bike performance
Value for money


Pros- great for inexperienced riders; excellent stability; powerful brake performance.
Cons - harsh suspension on rough roads; Eco light is very bright; only comes in one colour.
Mathew Probert
Mathew Probert
Motorcycling has been in Mathew Probert's blood for more than 30 years, which explains why there are three bikes in his garage. He says there's one for every occasion, but it's dirt bikes that are his passion. He also enjoys the adrenaline rush of taking on some of the best roads in Australia aboard anything with two wheels.


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<strong>Pros-</strong> great for inexperienced riders; excellent stability; powerful brake performance.<br> <strong>Cons -</strong> harsh suspension on rough roads; Eco light is very bright; only comes in one colour.2021 Yamaha Tricity 155 scooter (bike review)