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2020 Super Soco TC MAX (bike review)

2020 Super Soco TC MAX
2020 Super Soco TC MAX

THE 2020 Super Soco TC MAX is the latest electric commuter bike to hit the market, and with its unique styling and technology, this could perhaps be the most hassle free and economical way to go about your city commute.

Lightweight, nimble and effortless are adjectives that spring to mind to best describe the feeling of riding the TC Max. It is sort of akin to riding a very, very, very quiet 125cc bike, for want of a better description.

Push the start button and the 3000-watt motor comes to life. The bike sort of gently gives you a little nudge to let you know it’s ready and then with a twist of the throttle you are away.

The lack of noise is a little surreal, however the further you ride the more comfortable you become with the lack of a traditional motorcycle soundtrack. Riders will need to take a little more care around traffic and car parks though.

2020 Super Soco TC MAX
2020 Super Soco TC MAX

We say that because with its electric motor goodness, the Super Soco will simply not be heard by other motorists. There’s no clutch either, and the front and rear brakes are mounted on the hand controls.

They operate the 240mm disc brakes on the front and rear of the bike. That stopping power will be much appreciated by newer and less experienced riders. And yet it’s a bike that will also provide enjoyment for more seasoned riders on their daily commute.

Technology lies at the soul of what the Super Soco TC MAX is all about. With modern styling and a funky LCD displaying all the info you could ever need, including a speedo, battery charge, riding mode and range to empty.

LED lighting all round the Super Soco TC MAX is also a nice touch, emphasing the focus on technology. In terms of ride modes, each one influences top speed and battery range, with Mode 1 having the lowest top speed but a longer battery duration.

2020 Super Soco TC MAX
2020 Super Soco TC MAX

Mode 3 has a higher top speed and a shorter battery life to allow the rider to tailor their commuting needs to their riding style. Its claimed top speed is between 95 and 100km/h, depending on the rider’s physical characteristics, weather, and road gradients.

Lithium pouch cell high capacity batteries that can be charged by 90V-240V AC provide the ‘fuel’ source for the Super Soco TC MAX. The company claims 8-9 hours for a full charge, with a distance range of 90 to 110km, in Mode 1.

For us, the battery charging and thought that’s gone into the charging process for the Super Soco is well, super impressive. The battery package is housed under a lid where the fuel tank would normally be.

There’s also a compartment to store your battery charger in there, and unlike an electric car, the battery can be easily lifted out and carried inside with you, whether it be at home or the office, and be recharged from a normal power outlet.

2020 Super Soco TC MAX
2020 Super Soco TC MAX

We reckon that’s a brilliant idea. Owners of the 2020 Super Soco TC MAX are not restricted to finding communal charging points or having a garage with a dedicated power outlet.

This feature alone will win buyers over thanks to its pure convenience and practicality, and in reality leads to further available range, simply because you can remove the battery and charge at work, or in a hotel, or whatever works best for you.

With running costs that could best be described as next to nothing (the TC MAX costs an estimated 45 cents per charge), this bike could be up there as one of the most economical and practical rides available today.

With a seat height of just 770mm and bike dimensions of 1963mm long x 710mm wide, and 1047mm tall, the 2020 Super Soco TC MAX is a good fit for riders of all sizes, as long as you are not over 150kg (its weight limit).

2020 Super Soco TC MAX
2020 Super Soco TC MAX

Overall, the TC MAX is a real hoot to blast around the neighbourhood on. It’s not obnoxiously loud and nor is it going to upset any overly sensitive neighbours. It’s easy on the wallet to run and it brings a smile to the dial.

With prices starting from $8,290 ride away, there may never be a more economical way to experience the future.

Our 2020 Super Soco TC MAX was supplied by Super Soco Australia. To find out more, contact your nearest Super Soco dealer.


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